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11-26-2009, 08:03 PM
I purchased a Shop Sabre 4810 with a 10 tool ATC recently and wanted to post a little feedback for those who are interested. This is not a critical review... just some general impressions after using it for a short time. I have run close to 300 sheets through the machine and I have a couple minutes this evening to write a short post.

I received my machine on the day it was promised with only problem that was remedied without incident. My controller cabinet (the one on wheels that holds the computer, monitor, and CNC controller) was damaged in shipping and that problem was taken care of with no hassles. That was my experience with Jason and all the good people at Shop Sabre, they were all very helpful and cooperative. This is a good company. These people are passionate about their products and not one person there gave the impression that post sale conversions where a bother. I went through the challenge of getting cutter comp functioning on the machine and the good people at WinCNC and Shop Sabre were very helpful and got that function working great. As I mentioned this in not a critical review detailing every part of the machine. I am glad to say that after a short period of time the machine has exceeded my expectations. I did not know how I was going to like having a pc based controller as I have run 2 Fanuc controllers on previous routers (one was a CabMaxx and the other an Omnitech). What I like is how adaptable this machine is in performing various kinds of tasks. Things like tool changes, and setups to change where X0, Y0, and Z0 is located is a breeze and that has been very helpful in doing things like making molding or cutting small parts. The machine can cut fast and that performance is great given correct chiploads are accounted for in the program. My only big complaint about the machine is the dust collection system needs development. I have done a little work to it so that it works but the tool changer and the dust hood need better integration. I have several days where the machine ran all day long. No real problems so far. I run a cabinet shop and produce things such as cabinets and more woodwork kind of stuff like furniture and custom stuff. I cut out a guitar body for my nephew with the Shop Sabre and he is playing the guitar now and loving it. For the large sheet size the comments that I get are how small the footprint is on the machine. I got into this machine as a result of a lay-off and did not want to spend the money for a new vacuum hold down system so I bought a used pump and did that system myself. I added 6 zones and it works great. I find that I can much smaller parts that I am used to from previous shops without onion skinning or other strategies to keeps parts from slipping. I am very happy with the machine and would give a solid recommendation to anyone considering the purchase of a Shop Sabre.


12-01-2009, 10:22 PM
Hi Keith,

I'm glad your experiences with Shopsabre have been as positive as mine have. They are a good group of guys and their machines are excellent.

I bought a 4896 in 2003 and have put a lot of miles on it since then. It's just a plain model without a TC and I still use a PC router for a spindle. I cut mostly small, close tolerance parts with it and it is still as accurate today as when new. I make my own vacuum fixtures to hold the sheets of material and the parts.

The only problem I've ever had with it (knock knock) was when a near lightening strike popped a chip in the PCI card from a power surge, but they were quick to get me a new one.

May yours be as trouble free as mine has been.


12-18-2009, 11:11 AM
Keith and Skip,
I was wondering if either of you have done any 3d carving with your shopsabres? I've been meaning to stop by shopsabre and take a closer look at there machines.


12-19-2009, 11:48 AM
Hi Domminick,

I've only done a couple of 3D designs just to see if it worked, and it did. All of my work now comes from 2D parts cutting, so I haven't done any more of the fancy stuff.

Some of the guys who hang around this forum have done some beautiful 3D work on their routers though. Maybe they will post some links to pictures of their work.

There may be some pictures on the Shopsabre.com website too.

Take care,

12-19-2009, 12:42 PM
I have carved some text which involves a similar XYZ motion happening simultaneously. I have also done some molding where I had to match some molding in a historic situation. I am looking forward to a little time on some Saturday soon to go and play a little bit but since I bought and set up the machine I have been busy in the shop.

I saw some stuff that was carved in the Shop Sabre plant that was very nice. When you talk to them as them what kinds of businesses are using their machine. The variety is pretty cool. Airplane prop builders, cabinet shops, sign shops, shoe makers...

01-27-2010, 09:37 AM
In answer to Drunken lizards post. I have a Shop Sabre 48x96 with a 12" z-axis, using a Colombo 3hp spindle. I machine 3D patterns all the time that I use to thermoform from as well as making silicone and fiberglass molds off of to make multiple parts from. The machine works great and everyone I have delt with at Shop Sabre have been very helpful. I deal with Jim, Josh and Jason quite a bit.

I think you would be very happy with their machine doing 2D or 3D work. I just added a z-balancer to my machine and the next add-on will be the 4th axis module.

If anyone would like to see images of some of my tooling I would be happy to share.


02-02-2010, 10:19 PM
glad to find somewhere express my thoughts

bought my first one in 2005 48x60
no problems at all 2-3 phone calls to get me
thinking like the machine
it mostly trims plastic some mold work
1 limit switch thats it
have hit cycle start as many as 800 times in one day
bought my second in 2009 used 36x36 colombo spindle
does mold work or something every day
3d work not a problem even with steppers
some of the best people i have ever done business with

02-09-2010, 09:07 PM
Thought I'd post this on this thread instead of starting a new one.

This morning I fired up the computer and the machine, opened the controller program and tried to move the gantry. It wouldn't move and the controller screen was acting different than normal.

If I tried to close the controller, a window would pop up saying the machine was running, are you sure you want to quit? Never did that before, and the machine wasn't running/cutting. First I tried rebooting and checking cables etc, and it still wouldn't work.

I called Jason, got his voice mail, left a message, and within 5 minutes he called me back. I explained what was going on and he went and found a fellow named Ben for me to talk to. Ben must be the resident pc and controller guru.

I told Ben what was going on and he had me try a couple of things, then told me to open the computer and re-seat the pci card. I removed and replaced the card, vacuumed out a couple of years worth of dust, and now everything is back to normal. Whew....

Great customer service from Shop Sabre.

02-10-2010, 12:17 AM
I am looking forward to a feature that may be in the works. I heard about it from Jason and sent an email off to Kelly at WinCNC to do a little checking of my own. The feature reads data already in the controller regarding run time which triggers maintenance reminders. Right now I am guessing on the safe side when I need to grease the machine. If anyone has that feature working maybe you could post.

My machine runs most days and I have now run hundreds of programs. I have not lost one sheet of material due to machine problems. Anything that has happened has been something that I have always been able to save the sheet.

03-17-2010, 11:45 AM
I saw some posts about 3d capabilites of the machine. Take a look at my site www.scifimetropolis.com . I am getting ready to update the site with tons of new projects.

I love the machine and it does an excellent job for me.