View Full Version : Want to migrate from 2006 ---> 4x4

11-06-2009, 06:30 PM
The title says most of it. I have pretty much most of the parts from the 2006 build, steppers, control board, router, misc. parts and due to a move, it never was finished.

Now I find myself in need of cutting 4'x8' sheets of MDF. How many of the parts from my original build will recycle into the 4 x 8 build?

I'm not cheap... just trying to get an idea. I have the Hobby CNC 3-axis drive kit with the 305oz steppers. I want a fast machine so I'm willing to Ebay these and upgrade.


11-06-2009, 06:46 PM
i have a 4x4, and on the site,several are using the hobbycnc board, but with 4 axis, not sure whats involved with that.
as far as 305 motors, i use 495's several have less.
best bet is to contact joe and see, but i think you will want to go with a new build, it has faster and even faster screws, now they are talking rack and pinion, 4th axis, spindles...
the ideas alone are worth the $100 admission price to me. just mention a idea, and if it has merit, off they go, designing away.
hope to see ya on the forum.

11-06-2009, 07:30 PM
Done! Just joined and bought the 4x4 plans. I have a CNC milling machine so I have software and experience with the programming and Mach 3. I just need to get this thing built within the next 3-4 weeks so I'm on the fast-track.

11-26-2009, 02:54 AM
You can definitely recycle your controller. All you have to do with your 3-Axis Hobby CNC board is order the 4th Axis Upgrade Kit (http://www.hobbycnc.com/products/spare-parts/). Then you just have to buy one more motor.