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10-29-2009, 06:06 PM
These beta versions are for testing only and are intended to help us work out problems before updates are released. To download, go to www.ncplot.com and click the NCPlot v2 link.


NCPlot v2.20 BETA 4 Release Notes
October 29, 2009

Bug Fixes

The 'Break Arcs Into Lines' tool was not properly breaking helical arc moves, this has been fixed.

Machine Configuration

Added a new configuration page for extended work offsets.


You can now de-register NCPlot from the splash window (Help/About). You must enter the same registration key that was used to register the software. Note that licenses aquired from the license manager cannot be de-registered.

Extended the maximum system variable range from #50000 to #99999.

Added another range of variables for extended work offsets. The variables now are:

#7001 - #7944 G54.1 P1 - P48
#14001 - #19984 G54.1 P1 - P300
#70001 - #75984 G54.1 P1 - P300

Any variables written in these ranges are duplicated in the other two. For example, writing a value to #14001 also writes the same value to #70001 and #7001. This makes the extended work offset values available at all three variable ranges.

Added two new tools to the 'Tools' menu: Convert Coordinates to ABS and Convert Coordinates to INC. These tools allow translating program endpoints between absolute and incremental coordinates.

Improved the viewport measure tool. This tool now displays the signed distance in each axis instead of the absolute distance. This gives an indication of direction from the first selected point to the second. The viewport is made active again after dismissing the measurement results, this will allow you to activate the measure tool again without needing to click the viewport in between.

Improved the file Auto Arrange feature. This feature automatically resizes the open files to take up the available space in the application window. So when files are opened or closed the remaining files automatically resize. This automatic sizing now also occurs when the application window is resized or any of the toolbars are moved.

DXF Exporting

The DXF exporter will now export helical arc moves. These moves are actually saved as a series of line segments when saved.


Added a new preferences option called 'Zoom After Translate'. This option will automatically zoom to extents after a translation tool is applied as long as the 'Auto Refresh Viewport' is also on.


Added two new scripting functions:

NCPFind(strFind, lngStart, Options)

This function returns a pointer to the first matching string or -1 if no matches are found.

strFind is the text to search for
lngStart is optional and specifies a position in the file to start searching from
Options is optional and is the sum of:
2 = find whole word only
4 = match case
8 = don't highlight found text


This function returns the line number of the file position pointed to by lngIndex.



10-30-2009, 05:26 PM
Hi Scott,
I've just installed this and set-up the config but it won't let me save the ini config now?
I export it, pick a directory and name, and it just skips back to the export dialogue without actually saving.

Also, is there a way to set the program so when it opens, the progam maximises to the max allowed size? Currently it opens small.

Keep up the good work - it just gets better and better!

10-30-2009, 07:11 PM

It looks like there still a bug in the settings export. To work around it just open a new blank file before trying to export your settings.

If you click the 'Window' menu and select a tiling option this setting becomes the default arrangement. By default the 'Auto arrange files' setting is turned on (on the Preferences), which means that this arrangement is maintained even as you open/close files or resize the application window. As an example, click 'Window / Tile vertically'. Now, open files will evenly divide up the available space. Hope thats clear!


10-31-2009, 12:37 PM
Clear as clear can be Scott!