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10-23-2009, 07:54 PM
I've got a simple model I'd like to generate code for. No problems doing a 3 axis horizontal pass, however due to way in which Rhino decides to layout the toolpath, the outside of the model is done before the inside. This is fine and dandy except that the model is hanging by a thread by the time it goes to cut the last cylinder pass. As soon as the tool finished the last outside pass the model is no longer connected to the box stock and basically is not anchored down anymore.

I would like to cut the model in two sections
1) hollow out the center cylinder all the way through
2) three sides al the way through if possible
3) last side running parallel to the xaxis closest to the origin. This will let me sort of 'catch' the piece as soon as the last pass is done.

Problem is... I cant define a region. Id like to just click and drag around the cyclinder and generate a tool path for that. the generated the outer tool path afterwards..

what do i need to do in order to define a region?

here is the simple model

10-24-2009, 02:34 PM
It looks like you've got something like that indicated, but not highlighted. Open up the "Regions" tab, select the rectangle, and make sure it appears in the box before closing it.

For the circular pocket, you can use the edge of your cylindrical hole as a Region - try the "Dupedge" command in Rhino if you don't have a circle there to highlight.

If you don't want to cut your part free, try making some tabs (with Rhino's Box command) that connect the part you're cutting out to the stock surrounding it. They can be lower than the part itself, to make removing them easier. Make your Region a rectangle that is far enough from the edge to give you room for the tool, but that doesn't include the whole length of your tabs, so it won't cut them off.

Andrew Werby