View Full Version : New Teco CV7300 has inturnal arc and pop at power up?

10-11-2009, 04:33 PM
The CV7300 I just picked up arcs with a loud pop sound when it is powered up. It seems to be coming from a black disk shaped component. The board space it is in is TH201, markings are "ε 20SP VEI 012" , oddly other than this the unit seems to work fine but regardless I disconnected it and returned it to its box for fear of possible fire or personal injury, seeing the huge capacitors sitting close by. Is this a Metal Oxide Varistor?

Anyhow I will be calling factorymation on Tuesday dam holidays.

10-12-2009, 02:38 PM
I talked to Factorymation I need to send my new unit to themanufacture Teco Westinghouse in TX to be evaluated, this is not the first one with this issue that they have seen, Steve at Teco confirmed this, and feels it is a warranty issue but stopped short of confirming it completely. Anyone with this issue on a Teco CV7300 should let them know Steves ph# 512-218-7401.
Attached photo shows the MOV with arc hole.

10-13-2009, 01:18 AM
Ok my Factorymation.com saga so far, I ordered on 9/30 1 CV7300 inverter + 1 Hp Weg premium efficiency motor + 1 Data cable. I have to date received One damaged motor which should be fine if the fan, fan shroud are replaced. I was told initially on 9/6 that these parts were shipped from the vendor, I was next informed that a replacement motor was shipped out, it turns out that no replacement motor was shipped. I am now informed that the motor I was expecting to show up on 10/9 to 9/12 will be the parts again with no specific delivery date. In the meantime I have found that the VFD unit "the CV7300 I received" has an issue "arcing failed MOV", of a type previously seen before by both Factorymation.com and Teco Westinghouse. In this case mentioned by the Teco rep Steve the unfixed unit was shipped back to the customer as the supposed arcing was not repeatable by them. I am now in this position and need to ship my CV7300 to Teco for inspection on a warranty claim. Needless to say this feels uncomfortable to me. So far neither major parts of my order have been fulfilled initial claims of action on the motor issue have not been resolved, and I am now expected to pay shipping in an attempt to get a working VFD unit out of a defective unit that was shipped to me. Troubling to say the least. I would not feel troubled if at least the motor issue had been dealt with as expected. I will update my post after contacting them tomorrow. Let me add in factorymaton's defense on the motor it was shipped by Weg Atlanta.