View Full Version : The latest version of SheetCam is now availiable.

03-14-2005, 07:42 PM
I see that Les has uploaded a new version of Sheetcam.
You can get it from HERE (http://www.sheetcam.com)

Hi all,

I have just uploaded V1.2.0 to http://www.sheetcam.com. This release
has lots of changes:

Fixed: Updating the paths when you change the rapid height
Fixed: Tool numbers displayed as floating point numbers on some computers
Fixed: Code snippets in start points now work
Fixed: occasional ATAN2 error when sharpening corners
Fixed: Support file generation. Perhaps it will actually work now...

Changed: Removed a lot of dependencies from the core code. The changes
to the core code may have introduced some new bugs. If you notice any
problems, especially with screen updating, then please let me know.
Changed: In path optimisation - the apply now button now always works.
Changed: Some improvements to zigzag pocketing
Changed: The cutter now rapids down to start depth
Changed: Increased angle threshold slider range for corner sharpening

Added: Some more gouge detection for leadin/out.
Added: Leads are shortened if they don't fit into holes. They are also a
lot less likely to cut into the part if they are in a tight corner.
Removed: Climb cut box in pocketing - it didn't do anything.


03-14-2005, 09:05 PM
What about "Development release
This release is the current development version. This is the most up to date code but it may have bugs in it. "
Bugs , dont have enough talent to know one if I seen it.


03-15-2005, 03:12 AM
SheetCam is constantly under development. Development releases are made as soon as new features are added. Sometimes these new features introduce bugs or show up old ones that are hidden in the code. Also the new features may not be fully documented.

The 'stable' release is an older version that has few bugs (no software is totally bug free). If you are just beginning with SheetCam it would be best to try the stable release first as it's tutorials and help files are up to date.

03-18-2005, 12:15 PM
Hi all,

I have just uploaded V1.2.3 to <http://www.sheetcam.com/>

This version has the following changes:

Fixed: Unregistered versions not producing any g-code (hopefully I've got it right this time)
Fixed: Hanging if the g-code file is locked
Fixed: Part enabled/disabled icon is now always shown
Fixed: Zigzag pocket image in pocket process

04-07-2005, 10:04 AM
I have just uploaded V1.2.7 to http://www.sheetcam.com Although there
are a lot of bug fixes they are mainly tidying up minor loose ends.
I have also updated the two tutorials and added two plasma cutting

Fixed: No tick displayed when layers are enabled in the layer toolbox
Fixed: Renaming a part did not actually change the name
Fixed: Enabled/Disabled marker in parts list is now always shown
Fixed: In start point editor the leadin and leadout sizes were enabled
when 'use process settings' was checked
Fixed: If the last tool in the tool list was deleted, the name was not
removed from the list.
Fixed: A number of hint images didn't work, especially in the pocketing
Fixed: Paths not always regenerating when you copy a part

Changed: The process list shows the processes for duplicates as well. If
you try to edit one
of the processes it automatically switches to the parent part.

Added: Tool change reduction for duplicates. If there are parts with
duplicates, each process is performed on all of the duplicates before
moving on to the next process. This can save a lot of tool changes.


04-07-2005, 10:39 AM
Sweet, thanks for the update.

04-08-2005, 01:04 PM

I have just uploaded V1.2.8 to http://www.sheetcam.com. This version fixes the XError YError problems and some path generation problems that resulted in strange arcs in the g-code.