View Full Version : Need Help! DIY Surfboard outline or blueprint ?

09-27-2009, 09:30 AM

Please, can anyone help me on making a surfboard ?

I don't have a CNC yet, but i want to make a surfboard for the next summer.

I've scraped some nice pieces of styrofoam that are 2m X 0.27m X 0.24m.

I've no experience in making surfboards, so, any help is very much apreciated.

I did find an outline on the net but it had no data about the bottom curvature of the board...etc.

I plane to use a hand operated hot wire foam cutter & some jigs i'll make.

So I need :

1) Any file that'll help me make board blanks.
2) Any board outline file.

Thanks !

09-28-2009, 05:37 AM
I have found some dimensions on the net so, the board should be 2 meters long & 46 to 61 cm wide & around 6 cm thick.

My biggest concern is the rocker design "foil", I have to agree that i never saw a real surfboard in here because people tend to avoid the beach when there are waves.:(

Any help, any comment is much apreciated :)

EDIT: I've found a great spreadsheet for drawing the outline here : gummy-stuff.org. (gummy-stuff.org) and the SurfDesigner at http://www.atuacores.com/surfshop/infos.php?lang=1&info=16

Thanks !