View Full Version : Rotation Macro Needed for Deckel 63V & Deckel 50T

08-20-2009, 09:44 PM
I have both a Deckel 63V & Deckel 50T which both use a Heidenhain 426 controller. I don’t have the touch probe option on either machine so I want to write a custom macro that will calculate to rotation angle of a job and also an intersecting corner that I can use as a datum position.

The purpose of this is so I can set up jobs and NOT have to clock them square!

I have seen people do this before were a custom macro / program has been written, here is a brief look at how they work.

I am wondering anf anyone has done this already and would be willing to share the process they used.
Otherwise I'm after some help writting the macro.

1. Start the macro
2. A message asks to touch the first point. Point A (see the attached image for point locations)
3. Then Point B
4. Then point C

While this has been happening the controller writes those values to a series of variables. Then from those points an angle value can be determined. Also the intersecting point can be calculated.

Then those X and Y values are written to a fixture offset number. This can either be done directly or via variables depending on the controller.

Then the rotation angle is simply called in the main program as a variable number.

The result is that all machining operations are performed with the rotation angle in consideration.


I can provide the controller manaual if need be!