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07-29-2009, 12:10 PM
Hi everyone,

Just to let you know, that the new release 1.12 of the CeNeCe PRO, is available. Download and test the updated demo!

Thanks to the new security key used, we have been able to lower the license price from 288€ to only 175€!!!


* improved all LE stuff in the projects screen
* corrected projections calculations
* corrected undesired displacement of shape in Creadat when deleting points
* added second decimal for backslash values
* corrected selection of single letter in text2dat
* correction not to let delete the last paramenters file
* augmented the height for the support block, the one you place under the shape
* mod in projects screen, now the projects list is a tree, under each kit you get all it's projects
* added feature that will equalize the densities in profiles, automatically in the cut, and manually in the Projects interpolation screen
* the second type of LE, now can be either flat or an inside triangle, thats a new LE type
* Corrected zoom value in creadat when open with more than one shape
* Corrected shapes projection
* Corrected number of points of dats in projects screen
* Corrected cut lengths when inverting projects in cutting screen
* Added checkbox to use the dat's sizes to cut te project, no more 1x1 sizes
* Added new screen "Tools/Cutting Tools", to cut sheets
* ....

Don't forget to visit our forum at http://foro.cenece.com, although it is mainly in spanish you're all welcome!

Best regards,
Javier López y Dani Sáez / Dani Sáez y Javier López

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