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07-28-2009, 09:21 PM
NCPlot version 2.07 is now available!

For details and to download this update, please go to www.ncplot.com

Here is the list of changes for this update:


NCPlot v2.07 Release Notes
July 28, 2009

Bug Fixes

Backslash characters "\" were being removed from the file when loaded, this is fixed.

Fixed the issue with toolbars not restoring to their saved locations.

The auto radius and auto chamfer commands ",R ,C" were not working under lathe configurations, this has been fixed.

The saved variable state was overriding the machine configuration's work offset settings, this is fixed.

The entities created by the auto radius and auto chamfer commands were not being given the correct tool number, this is fixed.

When the M98 subprogram format is set to use the K address as the repetition count the canned cycles will also recognize the K address as the repetition count.


Added the ability to drag text within the edit window. You can now select a region of text and then click and drag it within the edit window.

Find & Replace

The text input boxes on the Find & Replace dialog will now force text entry to be all caps if the "Always Caps" setting is enabled in the Preferences.

It is now possible to include carriage return/line feed characters in the find and replace text. NCPlot replaces any occurrences of the text "^M" with the CR/LF characters before any find or replace operation.

DXF Converter

The DXF importer now supports block instances.

The DXF Conversion Options dialog has a new menu called "Shift". This menu contains tools that allow you to set the zero point of the drawing.

MultiStep Translate

There is a new translation tool call "MultiStep Translate". This tool allows you to combine multiple translation operations into one easy step. Unlike the other translation tools, MultiStep translate always keeps the original program code while inserting new translated code. This allows making multiple translated copies of sections of your program, for example: quickly make rotated patterns by selecting a section of your program, entering a rotation angle and number of copies. The translated program section is inserted into your program immediately following the selected section. You can mirror, rotate, shift and scale all in one operation.

Space Navigator

Improved the response of the SpaceNavigator with large files.

Added a setup dialog for the SpaceNavigator. This dialog allows you to customize the orientation and sensitivity of the rotate, pan and zoom controls. Also added the option to export these settings on the "Setup / Export Settings" dialog. Likewise the "Setup / Import settings" tool will import these new settings.