View Full Version : Sherline5400/Xylotex/TCNC4/INI files?

02-22-2005, 11:26 AM
I've searched. Haven't found a single setup with my inquiry. I have a Sherline 5400 mill, P22 (Pacific Scientific 116 oz Bipolar) steppers, I am going to try out TurboCNC4, since I'm a registered user of ver 3.1, Thought 4'd be nice..

I was wondering if anybody had any ini files to start with? I'm a newbie :eek: , don't know nothin 'bout no accel speeds/start speeds..vrefs or anything. Jeff says he set the Vrefs for the motors already, so no touchie there.. I asked him about an ini file, and he told me to basically search the forums.

Okay! Anybody?
Need more info? Tell me what you need and I'll try to find it?

-Jeff Thorsgaard

03-01-2005, 08:52 AM
Join the yahoo groups sherlineCNC group they have some ini files in the files section. I have one someone sent me that spent alot of time tinkering with it to work on his sherline mill with xylotex board and TCNC. Let me know if you want I will email it to you.

03-01-2005, 09:43 AM
Yes, Thank you.. I have one ini...Haven't tried it yet.
speeds are as follows:
Acceleration= 5.00000000000000E+0003
StartSpeed= 2.50000000000000E+0002
MaxSpeed= 8.00000000000000E+0003

also, need to adjust a few other things, but that all happens in TCNC, and it gets saved with the program, so no big deal there.

Last time I did an ini, I just Guessed at the speeds, and it worked better than what the guy who sold me the driver/stepper, etc. COMBO told me! (Not insulting anyone, just saying how LUCKY I got!) - I doubt "guessing" will work twice for me.

I kinda wished I'd had Unipolars, so the boards/drivers/inis would be a little easier for me to understand (as I have a little experience with them)

Thanks..why don' cha email it to me, anyhoo? I can compare, see if I got everything "right"?