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07-16-2009, 06:30 AM
We have a Nokia robot connected to the PMAC ISA Lite card.

We are upgrading to a PMAC PCI Lite card.
The card is plugged in to the PC for communication via the bus.
The cables connected to the card are plugged into J2, J5 and J8.
There is a connection to J3, but we only use GND and +5V.
We also have an ACC-14P card connected to the PMAC card and plugged into the PC.
The cables from the 2 serial to parallel converter units are plugged into the ACC card.
These are the X and Y coordinates of the robot.

I loaded the 9 PMC and 5 PLC motion programs,
all the I, P and Q variables, the M-variable definitions,
the memory for custom servo code,
the open scratch pad memory,
the encoder conversion table registers,
the VME address setup/DPRAM setup registers.
All of this came from the old PMAC ISA Lite card.

I saved this to the flash RAM.

I start the PC in my office and nothing is connected to the cards.
I run PEWIN32PRO2.
I look at the M0 and M1, which is defined as
This is to get the X and Y coordinates of the robot.
The values displayed there is 16514816, 16514816.
I click the Update Periodically checkbox and the 2 variables
periodically changes to other values like 130816.

I then took the PC to the robot and connected everything there.
The robot was standing still but the values for M0 and M1 did
exactly the same.

I am not sure if al the jumpers on the cards are correct, I left them in their default positions.
I am sure that the base address for the ACC card is correct.

If I plug al the cables back into the old PC everything works.
I need to know what I'm missing, do I need to initialize something in the card?

Apart from this I have the VB6 software that manages the robot.
When I run only the VB code, the values I get back from M0 and M1 is 0
The VB code also shows P1 and P2 as 0.
When I run PEWIN32PRO2, keep it open and then run the VB code
it shows the same values as I see in PEWIN32PRO2.
If I change P1 or P2 in PEWIN32PRO2, the VB code shows those values correct.

I need to know why the VB code doesn't work if the PEWIN32PRO2 isn't running?

07-16-2009, 10:30 AM

Are pointing to the ACC14P card. So it looks like you are suing the 14P card for feedback. Is that correct?

Try with Download the configuration of the ISA cand (do not select important memory values). Then Download this into the PCI card and try it.

It looks like you are having a problem with the Acc14P talking to the PMAC card.

Next step would be look at all the Jumpers on the ISA card and see what they do and were they are placed. Then find the jumpers on the PCI card for the same thing and change them to match. Becareufll the jumper did change between the two cards.

07-17-2009, 04:52 AM
That's correct.
I did take a full backup from the ISA card and put it on the PCI card.
It is one of the problems, I hope that it's the only problem.
I'm not sure of the Jumpers, because the old system is in use and it would take some time to check this, but it seems like that is the only way to find out.
I will do that ASAP and give feedback.

07-17-2009, 09:12 AM
Just so I understand.
You have a working system with a PMAC Lite ISA and a ACC14D in a working machine. You just want to update to newer.
The new system is a PMAC Lite PCI and a ACC14P.
You downloaded config off ISA system and loaded it on to the PCI system. Did you have any errors on when you loaded it?

I would pull both ISA cards out and write down the jumper settings. Then reinstall them so the machine can be back up and running. This should not take alot of time.
Then look at all the jumper setting and see if there is anything changed that maybe an issue.

07-20-2009, 02:07 AM
That's correct.

Here's the full story: I didn't download from the ISA card, I found a backup of the stuff on the card that was made in 1994. The PC is so old that I struggle to get the harddrives connected to my PC. I made a ghost copy of the old harddrives on another PC and got the backup from there.

I didn't get any error when I uploaded it.

I took out the cards, took pictures of them and I will look at that today and see if I can get the jumpers correct.

I'll let you know what happens.

07-24-2009, 04:48 AM
I compared the cards jumpers, everything is correct.
I found commands to setup the 14P for latched input, but I don't understand how to execute that.
I also picked up that there is differences in the convertion table for the 14D and 14P.
Do you know how to execute the commands and set the convertion table correct?