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07-09-2009, 02:20 AM
Hey Tom,
I'm using an HP Pavilion desktop that meets or exceeds all the min specs for Mach3.

Recently, Mach will not load. It gets to the Mach splash screen and after a few seconds my cursor locks and the computer is completely locked up. I can't ctrl-alt-del or anything to get the computer to respond. The only way to get it back is a hard reset.

I uninstalled Mach completely and re-installed. Then I re-installed the MP3000_Install followed by the MP3000-DTHC_Install. The first time that I loaded Mach (using the loader and the MP3000B-DTHC profile) it did load. But after checking the plugin configs and closing Mach - the next time it again locked up after the initial Mach splash screen. I tried several times and it does the same thing time and again.

I've used the driver test several times. Occasionally when the test starts it shows "pulsing too fast" for just a second or two and then goes to system excellent. Sometimes when I run driver test it shows system excellent the entire test.

I thought (based on one quick converstion with you) that maybe the video card and/or driver was causing the problem but I installed a new video card with the drivers for that card but it is still locking up.

I have the computer stripped down to nothing but the mobo and a video card. I've turned off everything that could be causing extraneous interrupts (sound, all start up programs, auto updates, remote assistance, registry startups, power management, wallpaper, etc. etc.)

The only thing I haven't done is install standard PC instead of APIC. That seems a little drastic.

Any ideas? I'm stumped and frustrated. Thanks, Todd

07-09-2009, 11:17 AM
Did you manually remove the driver before re-installing?

07-09-2009, 11:55 AM
Yes, using Windows Add/Remove in control panel. Then deleted all the Mach files in the /programs folder. Did a fresh install from the Mach download.

08-07-2009, 08:50 AM
I had a similar problem with another program. The OS had become corrupted.
Fix= format c:
reinstalled Bill Gates

08-09-2009, 06:56 PM
The solution to Todd's problem was to run his slower computers at a lower Kernel Speed. The profile he was loading (off our support CD) defaults to 60KHZ Kernel Speed and it was locking his machine up. I sent him a new auto loader with a profile that was at 45KHZ and all his MACH problems went away.

TOM Caudle