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06-14-2009, 04:17 PM
Howdy folks,

With the Canadian dollar going up, and my job situation stable, I can now start buying and preping for a Joe 2006.

I plan to basically stick to the plans with a few changes I have seen other people try. I would like some input on a few things I plan to buy and routes I will take.

I plan to use the router for an assortment of tasks. I want to be able to work with both hardwoods and MDF. I hope to be able to do guitar bodies and necks, some vcarving(or some sort of 2.5d graphics), and small parts for assorted hobbies. I figure I need 100 ipm cutting from what I understand and read from other logs.

I own a 2.25 hp bosch router. I plan to use this for my spindle. I figure I need to but a 1/8 collet. At this time I am not sure what to do about bits, what type I need, and where to get collets. I have seen one website, but I hope to be able to acquire parts through my work for that.

Changes from the plans I care to make is to go with a torsion box. a majority of the build will be 1/2" MDF. A few parts look to be 3/4" MDF. The torsion box will be built with 1/2" supports and for the top and bottom skins.

The drivers are going to be HobbyCNC 305oz kits. I want to use them on 1/2"-10 5 starts. Is this a good motor/screw combination or do I need something stronger. I'd rather get a 1/2"-10 2 start or such then try to find a stronger motor. This is primarily because HobbyCNC is in my price range and have a full kit. I'll power it with the computer

Should I go with lovejoys or will using the flextube as a coupler good enough? The price doesn't seem to prohibitive considering the rest of the expenses.

For the slides I plan to go with the skate bearings on metal angles.

Software is still to be determined. I am considering Mach3, Cambam, and I can have access autocad and googles sketchup. I plan to get a P4 for mach 3.

I am not sure what else I am missing or forgetting. I had to side line this for the last few months. So please comment and tell me what I am missing and ideas I should change. I plan to get the acme screw at mcmaster-carr. If anyone knows a cheaper place that carries the 5 start please suggest. I figure I need 12 ft (2x 6ft lengths). Also I am having troubles finding the 5 starts on their site, can someone link it please.

Have a good one,

06-14-2009, 04:20 PM
One last thing I forgot. The tools I have access to. I have a fairly well equipped shop. Table saw, drill press, thickness planer, jointer, mitre saw, bandsaw, and an assortment of hand tools. I am a cabinetmaker by trade as well.

The rails I plan to use standard steel pipes. Is there any way to clean them up and sand uniform with out a lathe?

06-14-2009, 09:07 PM
The rails I plan to use standard steel pipes. Is there any way to clean them up and sand uniform with out a lathe?

If you read through some of the threads here, you'll see how a lot of guys made sort of a makeshift lathe using a drill to spin the pipes while they sanded them.

McMaster part #'s for 5 start are:

Page 1093

But, they probably won't ship to Canada.

As an alternative, you might want to look at Roton's 1/2-8 4 start. Both are 2 turns per inch. Roton also has 1/2-8 2 start. That might be a better choice with the HobbyCNC kit. with a 36V power supply, you should be able to reach 100-150 ipm.