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02-01-2005, 06:45 PM
Here is the latest installment for my router.
I have had a bit of time up my sleeve lately and have been able to work on my Z axis and motor mount. I am going to try out an Onga pump motor for the spindle drive and gear it up 2 or 3 to 1. The pump is 1 Hp and 2800 revs and I would like it to spin the spindle at around 8,000 to 10,000 revs with about 1/2 Hp. I will be using some pulleys and drive belt from an old photocopier.
Just a thought, If you want power supplies and bearings, pulleys, Solid state relays, nice straight shafting, a piece of glass, and maybe even a nice stepper motor then go to your local photocopier supplier and ask them to keep some old ones for you that they are going to throw out. I have been lucky and have even got a $20,000 copier for free that still works and has only done 32,000 copies that had been traded in and couldn't be sold. I use that one inside the office.
Back to the story.

The first photo shows the Z axis with ball screws and nuts and gas springs either side for counterbalancing the weight of the motor (c/o photocopier for springs) At the rear of the cross slide can be seen a piece of 25 x 50 x 3 heavy walled tubing acting as a brace. The Al C section flexes way too much so I have had to counterbalance the forces and I will be adding another later on as it is still not good enough. Probably good for a 1 meter span but 2 meters is too much for it with the Onga pump motor
The second photo shows the motor mount upside down awaiting the pulleys and spindle. In the background is my Mill/Drill and Horizontal mill. The Mill/Drill is a geared head piece of crap because the geared head bends forward 15 thou when raised to the top making it impossible to do accurate work on. Everything I do with it has to be hand finished which is totally frustrating and time wasting.
The third photo is a closer view of the Z axis. 3/4 chromed rod, linear bearings.
I hope this helps someone out and in about 2 weeks time I hope to have it finished and may post a video of the first cut.........if it works.
Now, to get started with the Rutex servo controller and tuneup software.....more fun !!!!!
warm regards

02-01-2005, 08:21 PM
That looks like a very big motor you are using for your spindle, especially since it is only 1HP. Why are you using that instead of a domestic hand held router ? The hand held routers seem to pack more HP for thier size. The only reason I can think you are using the Onga is for a quiet spindle. Is this correct ?

EDIT: The Z axis looks very long. What are you planing to cut? With my first machine I made a long Z axis thinking that I would one day do 3d sculpting work, the problem was it allowed for too much flex in the frame. My current machine only has 100mm of travel since all I cut is flat sheet no more than 20mm think. I wonder if you might find the same thing.

I like your aluminium work, I wish I had a mill even if it is a piece of crap like you say.

02-02-2005, 12:18 AM
Wow, nice machine. What do you hope your X,Y,Z lengths will be in the end? It looks pretty big. Mine is 4'x8'x10" (y,x,z). Keep them pictures coming...mine ain't done and your giving me ideas. cheers!

02-02-2005, 07:09 AM
Hi guys, You are correct Benny in that I want a nice quiet router instead of a screamer. I finished my spindle today and had a test run thisarvo and it gets very hot in about 5 minutes. I am using 4 ballbearings with seals on them which may be causing the drag so I plan on removing all but the outside ones. This was just a test mind you. If nothing goes to plan then I will mount a spindle directly to the motor. It may only be 2800 revs but I think it will do for what I want.
I made it this size as it was standard ballscrew length and I wanted to be able to rout door pannels on it. I also wanted the Z axis long enough to be able to fit a jobbers length drill bit to the motor and it will also be easy enough to shorten at a later date if need be.
For my Al plate I am using old worn out drill cradles off Atlas Copco underground drilling rigs as I find Al plate hard to get and VERY expensive here. It's very nice Al to machine compared to my castings.
If the Onga motor doesnt work out then I will adapt a quickchange motor mount to it and use my Triton 1/2" router as the workhead....very nice router that with soft start and auto locking spindle.
Any one out there with an unwanted Colombo spindle.............anyone???? Ahhh, when the lotto comes in maybe.
I am unsure what my full lengths of the table will be until the motor is mounted and the limit/home switches are setup.
I will keep in touch as this and many other forums keep my interest levels high with the quality of workmanship they show and all the mirriad of things to make when completed. Now.....Where to start when finished !!!!!