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05-19-2009, 04:08 PM
I have Shop Sabre 4896 router with 5 tool changer, runs on WinCNC controller.
Now using VisualMill4.0 and want to try mastercam X3. But i can't find postprocessor for MX3.
Any help appreciated.
Thank you.

P.S. this is how output file looks:
it's .tap extension.

[2 1/2 Axis Profiling]
G0 Z1.0000
G0 X0.2402 Y0.1258
G1 X0.2402 Y0.1258 Z-0.7700 F125.
G1 X0.2304 Y0.1265 Z-0.7700 F250.
G1 X0.2114 Y0.1311 Z-0.7700
G1 X0.1932 Y0.1386 Z-0.7700
G1 X0.1765 Y0.1489 Z-0.7700
G1 X0.1616 Y0.1616 Z-0.7700
G1 X0.1489 Y0.1765 Z-0.7700
G1 X0.1386 Y0.1932 Z-0.7700
G1 X0.1311 Y0.2114 Z-0.7700
G1 X0.1265 Y0.2304 Z-0.7700
G1 X0.1250 Y0.2500 Z-0.7700
G1 X0.1250 Y92.0000 Z-0.7700
G1 X0.1265 Y92.0196 Z-0.7700
G1 X0.1311 Y92.0386 Z-0.7700
G1 X0.1386 Y92.0568 Z-0.7700
G1 X0.1489 Y92.0735 Z-0.7700
G1 X0.1616 Y92.0884 Z-0.7700
G1 X0.1765 Y92.1011 Z-0.7700
G1 X0.1932 Y92.1114 Z-0.7700
G1 X0.2114 Y92.1189 Z-0.7700
G1 X0.2304 Y92.1235 Z-0.7700
G1 X0.2500 Y92.1250 Z-0.7700
G1 X33.0000 Y92.1250 Z-0.7700
G1 X33.0196 Y92.1235 Z-0.7700
G1 X33.0386 Y92.1189 Z-0.7700
G1 X33.0568 Y92.1114 Z-0.7700
G1 X33.0735 Y92.1011 Z-0.7700
G1 X33.0884 Y92.0884 Z-0.7700
G1 X33.1011 Y92.0735 Z-0.7700
G1 X33.1114 Y92.0568 Z-0.7700
G1 X33.1189 Y92.0386 Z-0.7700
G1 X33.1235 Y92.0196 Z-0.7700
G1 X33.1250 Y92.0000 Z-0.7700
G1 X33.1250 Y0.2500 Z-0.7700
G1 X33.1235 Y0.2304 Z-0.7700
G1 X33.1189 Y0.2114 Z-0.7700
G1 X33.1114 Y0.1932 Z-0.7700
G1 X33.1011 Y0.1765 Z-0.7700
G1 X33.0884 Y0.1616 Z-0.7700
G1 X33.0735 Y0.1489 Z-0.7700
G1 X33.0568 Y0.1386 Z-0.7700
G1 X33.0386 Y0.1311 Z-0.7700
G1 X33.0196 Y0.1265 Z-0.7700
G1 X33.0000 Y0.1250 Z-0.7700
G1 X0.2500 Y0.1250 Z-0.7700
G1 X0.2402 Y0.1258 Z-0.7700
G0 Z1.0000
G0 X0.2402 Y0.1258
G53 Z

05-23-2009, 07:43 AM
i would check with master cam, wincnc uses .tap and .nc it will be an easy pp to write, if they do not already have one there may be another machine brand name for which one is written already, you could also contact wincnc.


05-23-2009, 11:13 AM
Go to the mastercam site educational, posts,download the warthog post and follow instructions. This is a 3x post built for wincnc controller.

Good Luck,


05-26-2009, 04:04 PM
I have to correct the directions to get to the post for wincnc on the mc site. Go to the teachers and students tab and click educational downloads, posts, you will find the post you need at the bottom of the mcx posts.

Be sure to copy the instructions and let us know how that works for you.

Good Luck,


05-28-2009, 07:17 PM
Thank you.
I got the pp set up in mc. Also created some nc files. I'll let you know after i test them.

06-15-2009, 05:51 PM
I got this pp set up and this is what i got.
Mastecam nc file starts more complicated than it needs to be.

N100 [ Program Number - ]
N110 [ Program Name - PART 1 ]
N120 G00
N130 G90 X5.528 Y11.549
N140 G0 Z2.
N150 G0
N160 G0 Z.1

And also there's no tool #

Here's what it needs to look like:

G0 Z1.0000
G0 X7.2425 Y9.0920
G1 X7.2425 Y9.0920 Z-0.2792 F100.

For the tool change mastercam puts m6, But there's no M6 command for wincnc. all it needs is
T2 (or any other tool#0
M3 (to start router)
--and on with g-code--

How can a change it?

10-28-2009, 10:03 PM
I was the one that helped mastercam in writing that post for Warthog CNC Routers. The manufacturer has a specific program based system to write that post and not allow it to be editable. It cost Warthog $5,000.00 to get that written.

Contact Mastercam directly and see if they would modify it for a small fee or you might get lucky and get it free. If not you can always rewrite the macros in wincnc to run with those commands for mastercam. Just make sure you keep the original codes. Its really not hard to rewrite them...