View Full Version : miyano 3bc lathe info

05-13-2009, 12:24 PM
I am cleaning out the shop and came across a bunch of tooling, could not find out what it was from, until now.
There was a special master collet made by hardinge for s-12 pads in the pile and at last resort, I called them today with my fingers crossed and they were nice enough to look up the number in their system and tell me what machine it was made for.
They said it is for a miyano 3BC-D machine.
I have around 40 collets that appear to be around a 1-5/8 capacity, 4 or 5 bar feed heads, 30 some, single hole turret holders, about 20 turret tools such as boring heads, and about 20 cross slide holders, both vertical and horizontal, and several bar stops.
Most of the holders have 477 prefix part numbers.
Can anyone give me any more info on this model of machine to further my search, so that I can clear out these items?
Any... help would be appreciated
Thanks, Randy