View Full Version : Joe's 2006 running smooth and accurate.

05-12-2009, 12:55 AM
First good workout for my Joe's 2006. When I first picked up my 2006 less motors and electronics I was very thrilled to finally have my foot in the door of the CNC router world. The shop next door owns a similar sized Vortech. They ran some molds from me out of MDF for my Vacuum forming machine.

The molds looked pretty good but when I fromed the parts I could see a lot of router marks etc.. on the formed plastic that side that touches the mold that is the side that also has the crisp detail.

I got my CNC back in action and I started to think that the problem would be worse with the molds run on the Joe's 2006. Last night I ran my first set of molds. The machine ran better than expected and actually smoother finish than the Vortech so I was really very happy with the performance far exceeded my expectations. Maybe I had better bits, I don't know. I ran the machine for 10 hours no problems at all.

I used the Motiontek AXYZ311 kit and I highly recommend it for any one building a Joe's 2006 or Hybrid. motiontek.ca It cost double what the Hobby CNC kit runs that everyone uses. I did not have any of the problems I have read others have had particularly with the Z-axis.

I am going to redesign the dust shoe and will post on the modification, it will greatly improve the performance of the dust collection ability.

Molds are not like signs or plaques precision is a lot more critical.

Bottom line that 2006 does a really good job! I'm happy ;)