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01-25-2005, 07:11 PM
Maybe this is a wrong forum...but there will be diy...
I agreed appointment with a guy whos selling german middle 80s cnc,which has first been in furniture factory...
Originally g-code fed by cards...new automation made by dealer years ago...
Now automation dead because of an fireaccident in the next warehouse..some of fire fumes get access to his storage..only upper wirings has cracked afterwards because of the heat, motors still working,insurance company has allready paid to owner who allready bought a new(got a business to run) one and left the old machine to him....working hours near 15000...services has been done..
Vacuum table,router motor 6Kw,revolver head(5),(x,y,z:3000x1500x200)..
Havent seen the machine yet,it hasnt been in open sale and the price sounded me VERY reasonable.....this is all i know about the machine at the moment...so what should i look?motors,wearings....im very experienced builder but this would be my first cnc.....I have the places where i can run it...or is it too big mouthful....?....or chance of the lifetime...THX allready!

01-25-2005, 08:11 PM
If the price is right, I'd say "go for it"! What brand/model is it? Assuming you have a place to rebuild it, you could replace the damaged wiring one at a time without having to find out what each wire does (its function). If you do all this and then find that the electronics (drivers, etc.) have been damaged, you can go then go the gecko (or rutex)/mach 2 route.