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Homer Simpson
05-01-2009, 01:10 AM
After even more research and many phone calls to multiple companies I still am in conflict. All of the machines seem to have their perks, but DT seems to stand behind the product and answer all of the questions I have had quikly and precisely(good sales team I suppose). I am still in need of some backing on this decision, please if anyone can give me the solid info and push I need in any direction before I go to Peducha and blow a bunch of cash. Thanks all.

05-01-2009, 11:53 AM
Homer, I know its a hard decision to cut loose of that much cash. I purchased my Dynatorch system 3 years ago and have been happy with my choice. If you are not familiar with CNC plasma, I can say there is alot to learn. I had many problems when I started and as I look back they were all due to my inexperience. The one thing I can say about the company that really stands out is the tech support. They will walk you through the initial start up of the machine and if you ever need support it is there free 7 days a week. I have made several calls in the past 3 years, and any problems were quickly resolved. All were due to my inexperience. Something else to mention is the machine as well as the software is designed in house. The software has all the features and then some of the $50,000 + machines out there. They use customer feed back to add new features that customers have suggested. They have also partnered with Whitlock engineering and Arbor Image to provide an excellent Cad Cam software for a very low cost. I purchased this software package about a year after I bought the machine. I had spoken with Whitlock engineering about making points in my cad drawing to be recognized as pierce points as I wanted to use the pierce marks as locations to punch with my ironworker. He said no problem and added the feature to the Wecim software for all users at no charge. The wire less joy stick control is just another reason to love the machine. In the last few years I have spent alot of time researching all the plasma machines on the market (probably to reinforce the idea that I made the right choice)
and I can say this for sure you can't beat the value.

05-01-2009, 01:57 PM
I see you are using wecim, how does it compare to the supplied software? would you buy it with the machine if you had to do it again? will the DT software ramp pierce in both oxy and plasma mode? How about braking/slowing in corners. Can it overrun for holes (no lead out but pass over the start point some)? The guys a DT obviously recommend it but $2K is big.


05-01-2009, 10:45 PM
WSS, When I purchased my Dynatorch the software that came with the machine was basic CAM software. I could import a DXF drawing and convert it to G code to run the machine. At that time you could not ad lead ins or lead outs and you could do some manual nesting of parts. Slowing down while cutting corners, freezing the torch height, etc is controled by the software that DRIVES the machine. The Dynatorch cnc control when combined with the WEcim software has nearly every feature the high end machines have. Most high end CNC plasmas use Hypertherm CNC controls which are installed by the table manufacturer. Try calling Hypertherm and ask for a feature to be added that you need. That is the beauty of Dynatorch designing their own cnc software. They constantly improve their system based on their customer feed back.

You asked, if I had to do it again would I buy the wecim software with the machine? Wecim was not partnered with Dynatorch when I purchased my machine. But if I were to buy a new Dynatorch today I would buy the Wecim, Arbor Image and Plasma Mate together. Any CNC machine is only as good as the CAD CAM software that runs it. As soon as you ad automatic nesting, automatic lead ins, lead outs, chain cutting, remanants etc. to a software package the price goes way up. If you are a serious player and plan on cutting multiple parts on a sheet it is mandatory to have these features. Wecim is professional software and has been around along time and it is proven. A comparable software would be MTC Turbo Nest which last time I checked was about $8000.00 The Arbor Image software allows you to take a drawing, run it through
a scanner and be cutting in no time. I had a customer come in with a large part. It was to big for my scanner so I traced it on a piece of paper , took it down to Office Max had them scan it on their large format scanner and saved it on my thumb drive. Back to the shop ran it thru the Arbor Image software and was cutting in no time. I also use the Plasma Mate software for quick cutting of different shapes, works great and saves you the time of drawing up a common shape when you need one cut.

After I purchased the Dynatorch I got hooked on CNC's and bought a CNC knee mill. I paid $4500 for the CAD CAM software to run it. That made me appreciate the price on the Wecim and Arbor Image software. There is some tutorials on the Dynatorch site about Wecim and Arbor Image. I don't normally give kudo's to any company but I have been very happy with my Dynatorch. I did go to the Wecim training session at the Dynatorch facility which Gary the owner of Whitlock Engineering personally gave. I would recommend this to anyone who buys Wecim if possible. Just my 2 cents..............

05-02-2009, 08:44 PM
Great info and thanks for the time to respond. I will research the wecim software more. Does it work well with oxy/fuel (ramp pierce and such)? most of what we do will be 1" plus AR plate. I do not know were this will lead our company, but I don't want to start out with limitations (or excuses to customers). Right now we would use it probably 4 to 6 hours a week without "selling" the service. It is a strange time at the moment. We feel optimistic and work is picking up but are reluctant to bring on more help or work overtime (Me excluded). Common sense tells me to get it up and running before it really rolls. Usually we would build our own machines and of course expense was tapered over the build time, six maybe 9 months. This is different, warranty starts on ship date, cash has to be up front. We looked into "leasing" and what an education. An 18k machine will cost 30k regardless of when you pay it off (6 months or 5 years). So.....We are going to be patient. Build our table, save and take better advantage of the warranty. This will help ensure we ask the right questions and put he knowledge to good use. Which is what makes forums like this so helpful! Thanks for your input, you called it 2 cents, it's actually worth at least a couple of bucks (lol).


05-03-2009, 02:35 PM
WSS, I would gather up a list of questions and call Gary at Wittlock Engineering and ask him about the Wecim software. After I purchased the Wecim software from Dynatorch they had me call him direct for any help I needed with the software. Thats how I learned about how long the software had been around and how it evolved. Since he is the owner and writer of the software it was just like dealing with Dynatorch. Like I said no one knows a product better than the person who designed / invented it. I just went to his website and he has a new demo, check it out maybe it will answer your questions about the oxy side of things that I am unfamilar with.


05-04-2009, 02:36 AM
Great idea. I will draw up some questions and give him a call. It sounds like Wittlock eng. is similar to DT as far as hands on and customer oriented goes. I really appreciate that type of company. I checked out the demo (not as thorough as I needed to) and it looks like software we can work with. I am receiving my first windows computer this week (a laptop an top of that). We have been on Macs since OS 7.6 (early '90s I think). I used Virtual PC to run the OS "XP pro" which ran my autocad. Adobe suites are the norm in our office. So this will be fun (is that the right word?). Macs are simply not used as controllers, which is a shame as they are durable and stable (until you run virtual PC). I do believe the wecim will be necessary. I think it would be best to learn and train once with the software that best fits the situation. Even "free" training is expensive when airfare and hotels are part of the equation and times that by the number of guys you want to train on the software. So the price tag is really reasonable, especially when you compare it to the other software you mentioned!

Thanks again, WSS