View Full Version : Newbie Philips 432 diagnostics test? (MAHO MH500C)

04-29-2009, 11:45 AM
Hi guys,

Last night I "inspected" an early (1982 I guess) MAHO MH500C that I'm intersted of bying.

As a newbe to CNC I have some basic questions about the little things I tried out via the control.

1. How do I run the "Diagnostic test"? The "Diagnostic"-choice was only visable in the (bottom off the) meny list when I made some kind of changes to something in that meny to get this choice added...dont know/remember what. Sorry.
Choosing "Diagnostic" only made the screen switch for 1 sec to a choice of maybe 8 different tests that may be performed and then before I hade time to make my pick the screen turned back to the "main screen".
At the right top some error codes was visuable*.

*I think I have the same problem as smoregrava did with his 500C not being able to start the hydraulics? The error codes was the same and I guess they have inverted 2 phases wrong. But does this matter in the above "screen blipping"?

2. How do I check the SW version the machine is running?

3. Is it possible to get any information out of the numbers at the cards in the cabinet? I was a bit supriced finding quite a lot of Siemens parts in the cabinet. I.E something caled Simoreg in the top right corner. (If any one have a picture or two of a 500C (or other MAHO) cabinet it would be really apriciated.)

Any other things you experts thing I should check before purchasing the machine? Any combination of key strokes to execute to test as much as possible would be really great to have for the second visit.

In general the machine looks really good, just covered in fine dust.
Running houres are 6000 but dont know how accurate this is?

Hard for you to say maybe, but whats a rough guess for the selling price, in Europe, for this type of machines?

Thanks a lot in advance!
I really need youre help on this one. If I can do a proper test of the machine, I might end up with my first NC-mill in about a week or two! :banana:


05-04-2009, 05:28 AM
I'm sorry if It may be a bit hard to understand all of my of questions, but really, does no one have a clue or some hints on this subject?

07-29-2009, 11:05 PM
Here is one really valid question.....Have you ever dealt with DMG America? GOOD LUCK!

08-08-2009, 09:40 AM
Here is one really valid question.....Have you ever dealt with DMG America? GOOD LUCK!

Living in Sweden, Europe, the answer is no.

But...yeasterday I closed the deal! :banana:

Not picked up yet and no money transfered, but we have agreed on the details etc etc.

Feels good to finally take a disition after going trough all adds adout "MINI-VMC-perfect-for-the-hobbyist-small-company"...but at a touch to high budget at the moment, even if prices are low now.

Think this MAHO will suite my needs well and let me have a good start in to the "CNC-parts-making-bussines". :cheers: