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04-09-2009, 08:19 AM
hey everyone,

so heres the story, i'm the office guy that programs out shops cnc, we have a cosmic 510. and neither I nor the Cnc operator have had offical training the on the cnc. i ran a program to drill some holes in a menu board, and the cnc used a different bit then the one that i selected in the programing, now thatsa a master cam X issue (help with that if you know the program too) but cnc used one of the bit in a different head to drill the hole and try to route out the board, and in doing so broke the bit and now i'm trying to find out how to tell the cnc to lower the head with the line of 6 drill bits in to so i can replace the one i broke. its now slowing out production because we can't cut more gables (i work in a millwork shop) with adjustable shelf hole because the thrid one is always missing

any help with this would be greatly apperacited


p.s not sure if its the right forum but i had to try somewhere