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03-25-2009, 06:46 PM
i want to know how to create a peck drilling cycle program for a horizontal mill machine

Bill Johns
11-25-2009, 08:11 PM
wow it made a mess of what and how I typed it all.
the text is all goofed up and intermingled with the program sorry
I'll fix it when I get time.

G91G28X0Y0 <-- these lines get stuff outa the way for tool change
T2M6 depending of course on the machine and the way
(t2 is the drill) your home positions are set
G54G90G0G98 <--G98
(X zero and y zero are the hole location)
G83Z-1.0R.1Q0.07F2.5 <--G83 is peck with retract to last z with G98
X3.0 G73 is peck with no retract to use it just
G80M9 put it in place of G83 end of canned cycle
M5 G99 will stop at R point then move
G91G28Z0 G98 will stop at last z dimension
G91G28X0Y0 G80 is the command to cancle the canned
M30 cycles, such things as G73 and G83
% are canned cycles, ie little sub programs
called macro's, that use decision making commands.
I made the program to show how to set it up.
G83 is the call for the sub program ie macro
Z-1.0 is how far down from Z zero the drill point will go
R.1 is the return point .1 would be plus .1 above Z zero
Q0.07 is the amount of peck, the drill goes .07 then lifts up
F2.5 is the feed rate in inches per minute
X3.0 would move to that hole location and drill. If just one hole then just
move up the G80 and no x or y location.
Hope this helps