View Full Version : Things to know to get started

01-06-2005, 01:51 PM
Hi there

Ive been reading this forum for the past 2 weeks and downloaded jgro's router plans...I allready draw them in solidworks and made the assembly....for the mechanical parts I dont think that I'll have many problems....Im working as a CNC progamer for 5 yrs and done more dificult parts then this one...the electronical part will be a problem but I think I can find help here....

There are some things I dont understand

- how the machine knows the tool offset? you just touch the table and make 0? how you make it manualy?
- how you centred the table 0?
- how you make reference to the machine?

these are the first questions ....thank you for your time and sorry for my bad english...

Regards , Codrin