View Full Version : Speed, Lead, and Load.

01-04-2005, 07:09 PM
Hi Group

I`m wondering what speeds your getting with your machine.
I am getting 240 ipm but would like my traverse speeds higher.
I now have a 5/8 diameter ball screw .2 lead but at these speeds it
is whiping. I planned to upgrade to a .5 or 1 inch lead at 3/4 diameter.
Has anyone in the group successfully ran their machine with such
a high lead. I did a test of my x axis with 275 pounds of steel
loaded and the machine and it moved fine at 3 inches a second. The
motor was a Pacific Science 666 oz*in motor. I realize that a
.5 or 1 inch lead reduces the mechanical advantage to move
a mass. I`m wondering if anyone knows how to determine if
my new selection of pitch would be a success or failure. The
motor I plan to use is a Tormach 1200 oz*in motor.

Thanks Barry