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03-14-2009, 02:24 PM
Hello, When it comes to 220 v I'm a bit chicken and a lot apprehensive and the Smoke is just too spendy so I rather ask here !
I have a Hitachi L200 015 nfu & Hitachi JRB-120-3 breaking resistor module and I don't trust my interpretation of the schematics that came with the resistor to hook it up to the vfd. I purchased this thing when I bought the VFD a couple of yrs ago and never hooked it up, I did ask Hitachi tech for specifics and they said in a very brief sentence that It was not compatible etc. but ! the resistor lists the vfd and the vfd list the resistor as option ! Anyway, I'm assuming that the breaking resistor terminates P & RB wire to the two terminals of the VFD which are bar/jumper-ed, and replacing the jumper. But the impression I get about about the two small wires 1 & 2 is that they wire to the input 220 and that worries me some. I have turned the settings up on the torque and breaking of the vfd and now get an error 07 after it warms up and I can't be monitoring the vfd for errors every time I stop the spindle. I'm hoping that this breaking resistor will make the difference and eliminate My last issue on my once long list ! I would really appreciate some expert experience here, As I don't want to trial and error this one !
Thanks !

03-14-2009, 04:13 PM
On my hitachi SJ100, there are four terminals here RB,+1,+,- The +1 and + are jumperred. My resistor is connected to the RB and the + terminal.

It works great. Stop from full speed (3600 RPM) in .4 seconds. Use to be 5.0


03-14-2009, 04:58 PM
Karl, That is interesting indead ! My vfd has three terminals, the (+1) & (+) jumpered and a (-) terminal. The JRB 120-3 has four wires tho, two large (P) & (RB) and two small wires (1) & (2). So if I understand what you did is the jumper is still in place and you hooked up to the other two terminals. Did your resistor have any other wires to connect. Mine shows in the schematic as tho they add on to the power source 1 & 3 terminals but there are other things showing in the schematic that I assume are integrated circuits within the resistor body. I just don't want to make an assumption and blow the whole works ! what worries me is that there are no P & RB terminals showing on the VFD that I can find, makes me think that the tech might have been right and it won't work but the resistor does show my VFD in the paper work and the VFD also makes mention of use of auxiliary resistor ! And the tech was absolutely no help what so ever UNLESS it is typo in paperwork and it will not indead work ! It sure would help if they would give some kind of expanation instead of just a short basic NO !

03-14-2009, 05:35 PM
I think on the L200 the resistor is in the brake unit, the +1 & 1 on both that is jumpered is to wire the optional choke in series with the brake unit.

03-14-2009, 06:02 PM
AL, I'm not sure, and I tried to, but couldn't make sense of what your stating, I know that the JRB unit has integrated circuitry in bedded within the ceramic and metal case with just the P RB 1 & 2 wires for hookup. The L200 doesn't have any P & RB terminals, So maybe I am indeed just spinning my wheels on this one and bought the wrong thing.
I just sent out a new inquiry to drives warehouse were I purchased these and maybe this time I'll find out if it will hook up or that I need to spend some more money for some other unit to make it all happen. If this thing will work tho I'd really like to know how to wire it in correctly as it ain't cheap at $80 two yrs ago when I purchased it.

03-16-2009, 01:37 PM
I received the the Info needed to accomplish getting breaking on the L200 series Hitachi ! First and formost, I wish I'd had a little more insite before purchasing the L200 as I'd have gone for the SJ200 which has a built in break resistor and would have been cheaper in the long run to do.
For the L200, This is what I apparantly need, (ordered this morning)
one: HBU-2015 dynamic breaking unit
one: JRB120-3 resistor
the jrb120-3 is rated @ 50 ohms & 120 W
The call out is for 100 ohms 260 W
So: two jrb120-3 resistors in series achieve 100 ohms @ 240 W !
Since I already had one then I needed another
Cost !
1 X JRB120-3 $85
1 X HBU-2015 $200
shipping $30
Cost If I'd known something before when I made original purchase ?
I don't want to know right now !
This info will undoubtedly get lost in archives and I will forget as soon as I blink, So, Maybe I should modify above title and put thank you note here !

Thank You Babu G'Vam from DrivesWarehouse !

There would be some who would appreciate if this info was kept handy I'm sure !