View Full Version : Need Help! Simple Step SSXYMicro Board - how to use with Linux software

03-10-2009, 01:31 AM
Hello everyone, hope someone has come across this before and can help. I've acquired this board with the rest of the 2-Axis setup that I'm planning to use. The problem is: all the software that works with the board (RS-232/422 interface) is Windows based. I would love to use EMC2 with it, which is Linux based and, frankly, being a Linux-based shop I would love to avoid having a Win PC around just for this setup.
I can't find any references to the particular board on EMC2 site despite this being a seemingly common board.
Can someone using this board on Linux please chime in here about what Linux CNC software was used and whether there is a config file compatible with Simple Step RS-232 boards.