View Full Version : help with aintermac 2300

02-24-2009, 06:30 PM
Hello all am looking for any advice that you may have just bought our first CNC machine a Stone master 2300 with a osai /10 control. I can run the machine in manual mode for moving and so on but I don’t have any cam software for the machine I called intermac not to helpful on the CAM side told me to call StoneCam to get a $4500 license did not offer any more.
We have MasterCam 9 and X.

1. Question can we use mastercam with this machine (has anybody work out a post)
2. Dose any body have a copy of StoneCam they would like to part with.
3. Or a sample post for StoneCam so we can use it to modify a mastercam post.

Any advice would be welcomed. (tvtent___yahoo_com)