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senor J.
12-14-2004, 06:35 PM
I have a 10" 4 t-slot rotay table. Id like to mount a 6 to 8 inch 4 jaw scroll chuck to it. I dont have a metal lathe or a milling machine for that matter so Im looking for some thing that will work right out of the box If such a thing exists. It seems like there would be a chuck out there that would mount to a rotary table but Im having a hard time finding one. I'm trying to cnc the rotary table for use with a cnc router I have made. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

12-14-2004, 06:46 PM
Does the rotary table have a center hole, if it's a machinist table then it likely one of the Morse tapers 2T, 3T,etc. If so, then chuck are available with those tapers...

12-15-2004, 04:21 AM
I made a adapterplate for mine.
You will need a square steel plate 1018 CSR of a sidelength equal or larger then
the diameter of the chuck.
Minimum thickness 0.625 inch, better 0.75 inch or thicker.
Hold this in a Vice allowing access to the top 0.125 inch of surface.
set the vice at 45 degr. angle.
Machine Surface 0.125 inch deep allow for 4 Keyways matching your
Rotary Table to remain diagonaly centered in the corners of the plate.
You may clear the center area as needed, may want to provide a
throughole in the center for additional reach through for parts.
Locate and drill for 4 Boltholes centered in Keyways at a bolthole circle
that will clear the Chuck later.
Flip it over and Counterbore the Boltholes then Bolt this Plate To the
Rotary Table ensure a tight fit within the Keyways.
May want to provide some marking on the side so the plate can be
resetup in the same slotpositions.
Remove the Backplate of the Chuck and meassure the seat on the mount.
Machine the adapterplate while on the rotary table to match the Chucks
seat step.
Using the rotation of the rotary table will ensure a perfect concentricity.
When done remove adapterplate and transfer the mounting hole locations
from the chuck.
Drill and countersink for Boltholes then mount the chuck to the adapterplate
then mount everything to the rotary table.
May need to make some Keynuts to match also.
The optimum thickness of the plate will depend on the size of the mounting Bolts
needed (depth of C-bore) or may use special flathead bolts in order to use thinner plate.
The reason I like this kind of mount is that it is very low profile and very sturdy.
Using the Keyways to center allows to clear a centerbore to pass longer parts
Good Luck