View Full Version : Need Help! new machine build

02-08-2009, 12:39 PM
This is my first post, but have spent many long nights reading here on the zone getting gaining much knowledge.

I am just finishing up my cnc and now ready to purchase drives and motors. I want to achieve 200-300 ipm rapids
(or more if possible) and cut mostly wood and aluminum.

I am considering this Keling kit to do the job:G540 +4 pcs KL23H284-35-4B Rated Currant 3.5A, 4mH Inductance, 387 oz-in + 1 pcs KL-600-48 48V/12.5A 115V /230V
power supply). (I see the 387's will be in stock tomorrow)

Can someone tell me if they have used this kit and how it performed or recommend to me what to buy to reach my goals.

-all steel/aluminum construction
-5 turns per 1" travel ballscrew bearings on both ends
.0005 backlash
-gantry weighs 40-70 lbs

Thank you in advance