View Full Version : Optimal Carbide Insert for Cast Acrylic

01-27-2009, 10:57 AM
I'm using a slant bed CNC chucker lathe with a tool turret to turn cast acrylic rod. I am currently getting an OK finish (running dry) using a DCGT32.52 insert designed for aluminum. Would I benefit buying a DCGT32.51 insert? Both of these are Stellram positive geometry style 64 inserts.

OR am I just plain out using the wrong style insert?

I've also tried HSS inserts as well. I'm trying to acheive a finish that I can flame polish without having to wet sand the part before flaming. Not looking for optical quality like lenses but need a nice clear final finish.

I can post pictures of the parts when I get home.

I also have tool holders that can use VC_1303 inserts and one that uses CC_32.5 inserts along with the DC_32.5 above.