View Full Version : New Machine Build Need to get parts and info

01-03-2009, 12:24 AM
Ok I would like to know the best place or what you guys would recommend for a cnc foam cutter build as far as the hardware.I want to start getting parts here and there and going to start off with one of the small tables like the one from Foamlinx (Maybe).It looks very durable .I would like to build a larger one after that to cut 4' x 8' sheets of foam.The plan is to build a full size vehicle by chopping the toy model up in sections scanning them and cutting full size out of foam.Then putting back together to make the full size vehicle.I can get a package deal or buy parts as I go.Whatever you guys think.Any ideas on a big cutter like the one mentioned?There was a guy on here named erase42 I think but have not got in touch with him.I think in a post he had built one in his shop that would cut that big.Any help would be great. I am good at building but need a kick start.