View Full Version : Need help operating Omron 3G3EV VFD

12-29-2008, 02:29 PM
Hi guys,
does anyone have experience with the Omron 3g3ev ?

Just got one for my spindle, my plan is to operate it both manually and through a Gecko G540 drive.

I'm mainly concerned with operating it manually but the thing doesn't seem to cooperate. I'm not an electrician and have just some basic electrics knowledge, but the thing that kills me is the english manual. I speak english pretty well but all the technical stuff is a bit hard to translate and to interpret.

When I got the thing I thought you will just have to set all you need from the digital operator. I powered it up and connected the motor leads (which were not marked -I understood that it doesn't matter how you connect the 3 leads because it won't burn the motor- it will only turn in the wrong direction if connected badly).

After powering it up the Run led flashes, no errors, but I can only set the accel , decel times, ref frequency and the direction of rotation from the digital operator. Motor doesn't spin at all.

Pressing mode repeatedly only loops between accel/dece/rotation dir/ref freq

I cannot set any other parameters , why ? How do you set other parameters ? The frequency paramater only works in monitoring mode and shows 0, how can you set it to the value you need ?

Hope someone helps,

PS - what is REF Frequency ?