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12-23-2008, 06:09 PM
So, what options have IH mill users used? I just got an Enco 13x40 lathe and got the DRO option with it, VERY NICE! It was a Anilam wizard 411.

Now, you are talking $1100 to $1200 for a 3 axis read out from enco.

What other options are out there. I pretty much just need the xyz readout.

grizzly #h7850 is a 12" x 30" x 16.75" for $775. seems like a deal.

Might have to call IH and see what they have available.

My mill is one of the originals from 2005.


12-23-2008, 07:39 PM
after posting this, I thought back on the enco DRO. It is a quality piece of equipment and came with all the mounting brackets and display arm. Even with this, one of the shop guys installed it and put it together. If I remember correctly, it took him 4+ hours to get the DRO installed. It only involved drilling and tapping holes, but it still took him at least that long to get it laid out, measure twice and drill. That was with all the brackets made and ready. Also keep in mind that there had to be a side kick there at all times looking over his shoulder. Just the way projects go.

At a combined cost of about $55 an hour for the two guys, had at least $220 in installation and that was with the brackets supplied.

Now, take a set of generic scales and they have to fabricate brackets. I can see this taking two 10 hour days and costing me over a grand! Save some in the package, lose it all in labor.......:nono:

So I called up gene, talked to him and got the dro and power feed on order. Cost about $600 over what the "generic" option was at grizly, but I know it will fit and the support at IH will be well worth it.

Plus they make thier own brackets and parts, work right here in the USA.

Only problem was he called my precious an ANTIQUE! I prefer "oldie but goodie"! LOL:D It si only 3 years old now.

Now, back to the table nuts and spindle research. Oh, he is going to include a couple of table nuts also so I can work on those before taking out the originals. Yeah IH!


12-23-2008, 09:04 PM
I did the IH DRO kit on my mill. It comes with all of the brackets you need & decent instructions. As you said, the support is worth it. I really like mine. I`m sure you will too!