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12-05-2008, 12:10 AM
Integration of THC300 to my plasma cutter

Hi All!

I bought a plasma cutter CUT 50 from Ramsond CUT50DX


I am very pleased with it, But Now I want to mount it to a Torch height control THC300
From soundlogicus, http://www.soundlogicus.com/THC300A/tabid/114/Default.aspx

The “Torch Height Control” needs to measure the “raw tip volts” to make adjustments to the height according to the arc voltage.

Can anyone help me find where to measure the “raw tip volts” in a RAMSOND 50DX machine?

Can THC300 be integrated with my plasma Cut50

Does anyone have a service manual or block diagram that can help me find where to take this lecture of “raw tip volts”.


These plasma machines are cheap and work very well, I think very soon they are going to be very popular.

I appreciate your help and time :)


12-28-2008, 01:39 PM
I will ask the engineer at my source factory in China but my guess is that the HF start will not allow use with a thc.
Regards, Larry

12-28-2008, 08:32 PM
There are hundreds of HF start machines running with the THC300 and it's Digital Cousin the MP1000-THC. Good grounding of the table and plasma chassis is essential to keep the noise down. If the PC and software don't lockup on the torch firing then the THC should operate okay. Raw tips volts is simply the undivided voltage (full tip volts) between the wires that connect to the electrode in the torch and the workclamp. Trace them back inside the unit and attach the wires between the two points and back to the TIP VOLTS input on the Sensor card.

The bigger challenge will be developing an Arc Good signal even using the external CT (current transformer). Most of those units are inverter types without PFC (Power factor Correction) so the current is harder to read off the AC primary.

I'm not sure I agree that the Chinese Plasma cutters are going to be popular for CNC. The quality of cut with a CNC is one important factor. The secret is in the advanced torch designs used in the major brand products. If all you want is for it to cut through steel and make rough brackets then quality of cut is less important. If getting good detail with minimal slag and consistant firing and cutting,then my money is on the better units. It doesn't take a lot of labor wasted in cleaning up cuts or trying to fix a bad cut to make up the difference in price. Make sure you have a source of good consummables you can get in quantity. Even on a good machine setup and running correctly you will be changing consummables more often than you would like. It doesn't take too many things going wrong to drive your costs out the roof with consummables.

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