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11-07-2004, 08:22 PM

I've been reading through the forums trying to figure out how these machines go together. I'm more electrical so the mechanics are a bit fuzzy for me.
Here are my main two questions.

1. I don't understand how the screw rod "interfaces" with the frame of the axis. I realize you want a load bearing to save your motors. Lets say I purchase an acme 1/2" - 10 rod. What can I use for an economical load bearing? Can someone send me a part number? close-up pics? Does the rod need to be turned down to remove the threads or do the threads ride inside the bearing?

2. Are backlash nuts always required? I've seen plenty of pics and discussion on how to make backlash devices from a variety of materials. I've never actually seen the nut mounted in it's final assembly (If I have seen it, it was not obviouse to me). Is the backlash nut simply the interface between the moveable axis and the screw? Or is it in addition to this?

Thanks in advace for all your help. I get along much better with electrons.