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11-06-2008, 11:18 AM
I have a problem finding out why my ZHBUSBConnect (Software for Controller) will not make my
Control Card control my router to perform the Travel and work speeds set in the

My Software and devises:

(B)Rhino CAM
(C)RhinoCAM Postprosessor
(D)ZHBUSBConnect (Software for Controller)
(F)AC Drive

In my ZHBUSBConnect (Software for Controller);

I can set High and low speed.
I can set Travel speed and work speed.
I can set Down Speed Ratio
And I can set a check for "G-Code Reading Speed"

I tried lots of combinations to change the Travel and Work speed,
And when I finally got a result, The speeds were generally slower, I tried to note what I had done, but then when I tried to do it again, The machine was working full default speed again. WHERE IS THE F.. PROBLEM!!!

RhinoCAM is set to launch this (D)ZHBUSBConnect.

I tried also to load the files.cnc into ZHBUSBConnect without having RhinoCAM launching the ZHBUSBConnect

My manuals are translated from Chinese in to horrible english.
Me being Norwegian doesn't help.

The fact that the control card has obtained files that ran slower than
other files (regardless of control card settings) should prove that Control card settings are fine, (I think) And the G-codes all say what they should before uploaded in the ZHBUSBConnect (such as plunge G1Z2.400F1200) The G-codes are the same, so that can not be the problem.

If anyone knows something about this and can give me some clues, I would be most grateful
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