View Full Version : Hitatchi Seiki VS-40,50 camunit

11-02-2004, 05:38 PM
SANKYO Sandex model 16TCH-01162R Seisakusho co.
I had to make an emergency repair of this unit (toolchanger with hydpump for unclamping spindel)the camfollower for the hydpump was broken, so we changed to new but there are maybe ten other camfollowers that should be exchanged coz lack of time there where no mesurement made on the others, the big ones for pump had dia 40mm roller and 25mm shaft (2 st).

Any one have a drawing or knowing what size and type of the rest.
Sandex is not so helpful and Hitatchi seiki is owned by Mori seiki and they only want to sell the hole unit $35000

Getting the air out of the hydraulicsystem was interesting :)

macturn is pice of cake :p