View Full Version : Some n00b Egar 315 questions

10-26-2008, 04:38 AM
Hey guys,

At our shop we have a Bavelloni Egar 315, and at the moment I'm being trained to use it. I'm new to the CNC thing, but I feel that the previous operator did not get everything out of the machine. So here are a few, maybe noob, questions:

* When we use the fingerbit it sticks in the machine head: we have to manually move the spindle to the front, strike the fingerbit tool gently, untill it releases, put it back, and then our machine is able to automatically change the tool. If we do not do this, the tool will stick when the machine wants to change it, and ofcourse halt. I do not think this is normal, but this has occurred ever since we had the (new) machine. Do any of you guys experience the same thing? What to do about this?

* Also, the previous operator says, that when you drill several holes with a 30mm drill or so, you should check between each hole by hand for any piece of granite that still stick into the drill. In the 8 holes I drilled in 2 days I never found any stuck piece of granite inside the drill. Should I risk just drilling automatically? Or is there a trick to ensure that there is o granite stuck in the core drill?

* With tickened granite (7cm or so) we currently do the rounding of edges by hand. Ofcourse I want to do this with the CNC, but that would mean that I need 2 seperate tools (1 for beneat, 1 for above) instead of the profiled stone for 2cm or 3cm thick. Any ideas on what tools to use for this?
Also, we let the tickened piece rest on the main slab: I mean: 2cm of the 7cm is above the suction cups, 5cm is beneat the suction cups. Is there any way I can tell the Egar to do work in the lower 5cm? Right now we set the slab tickness in EgarCAM to 2cm, which is correct for cutting out sinks, but this setting makes rounding the lower corner of tickened edge impossible ;)

So, maybe a lot of noob questions, having very limited stone experience and no real CNC experience. But I'm not dumb, so I would like to be enlighted by you guys ;)