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10-06-2008, 11:55 PM
I've Been using Solidworks 2007 Offic Premium for a long while now.
I am looking for a CAM solution for use with 3 - 5 Axis Mills to bring creations to life.
Needs to either import solid parts to make toolpaths or be a Solidworks Plug-in type utility. I have heard that SolidCAM is a good choice. Looking for your input.



Brakeman Bob
10-07-2008, 03:25 AM
I have been using SolidCAM for 5 years, the last two doing simultaneous five axis on a Hermle. I think the "best" CAM system depends on what you are doing with it; I only program parts designed in-house using SolidWorks and the geometry means that I deploy 2D, 3D and five axis milling cycles together with drilling & threading a lot of holes. SolidCAM is best for me because whilst not being outstanding in one particular area, it is good in all the things I need. If I were a subbie taking in models from all and sundry in myriad formats, then I would choose something else (probably MasterCAM), if I were in mould & die and needed very sophisticated tool control strategies but didn't need to drill holes I would choose Delcam. HyperMill from Open Mind is good software but I have reservations with their support in the UK.

A key point with SolidCAM is that the user (if they choose to) has the ability to get into the post and tweak it according to his or her needs. This was a critical decider for us and has been of great benefit. Their support here in the UK is first class but of elsewhere in the world I cannot say.

The integration with SolidWorks is good and I find the associativity useful when a design is altered. However, your design people need to be aware of the implications when they do things like use one model as the base point for another.

There a couple of other people lurking around here who are heavy users of SolidCAM and at least one them isn't as happy as I, so SolidCAM isn't the answer for everybody.

10-07-2008, 01:47 PM
Thanks Bob,

After some additional research I found that BobCad/Cam V21 is a Solidworks Partner and a piece of software that I already own so I'll try that first.

Thanks all for looking,