View Full Version : Need Help! 1988 Okuma Howa ACT3 CNC lathe issues

09-26-2008, 01:08 AM
found a 1988 ACT3 CNC lathe for 8K. sounds like a smokin deal to me. It has a 10TF control that is missing the canned cycles. They told me it got lost by battery failure in the paramaters. Quoted price to replace is $2500. Will this machine hold = - .0003 LIKE MY 1985 Mori SL-3'S AND SL-1A used to do? If I use Mastercam, do I even need the canned cycles? Is there enough memory in this controller to not have to DNC a mastercam program? Will this controller even allow DNC? What is this controller all about? My 10M on my horizontal mill will not DNC. My 11M on my other horizontal mill will. Please advise if I should buy this machine, and what to do to qualify it if I should. It is under power.