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09-25-2008, 07:08 PM
hi guys im new to the site

i was looking for some support, i like the idea of the flexibility of the grex with inputs and outputs etc, think this means i could use it to interface with my plasma or switch on a gas valve etc? and also be able to read in arc voltage for thc?
to the real question

i have been looking at this 3 axis package


i need to use this size of motor but it actually wouldnt cost much more to purchase the motors from them and then a g rex as i assume i will need 3
g1**s to connect them too but im not sure which is better?

the answer may be obvious but im pretty new to it all so i thought it better to ask the experts!



09-25-2008, 07:17 PM
There are far cheaper ways to get inputs and outputs than the G100. What do you plan on controlling it with? If you plan on using Mach3, ask the G100 users on the Mach3 Yahoo group if they would recommend it.

09-25-2008, 09:22 PM
G-Rex, do they make nice pets?

I recommend you get Gecko Drives opinion as well, read there FAQ at the top of this forum (root, Gecko Drives).

You wouldn't need 3 g100's. 1 g100 supports up to 6-axis. It's main advantage is if you don't have a parallel port, but do have ethernet. This also permits the use of laptops with Mach, but the ethernet communication can be lost and what happens next?

The g100 has a lot of untapped potential, IMHO due to lack of further software development (pressured by other products circumventing the parallel port, e.g. usb SmoothStepper).

Reread your post, if you mean if you bought just three steppers from your referenced link, in addition to the 1 g100, you would need 3 drives (e.g. 203V), one per motor. If you bought motor and drives from your source, the g100 would provide you the control interface (BOB) with additional I/O.

Unlike many parport BOBs, the g100 does give you one analog input and one analog output, but IIRC, they are 0-5V, a little less common for the typical application of this one signal, i.e. spindle control (where 0-10Vdc is most common as well speed feedback often 0-10). Just my 2 cents (plus or minus 1).