View Full Version : New 3 Axis Stepper Motor controller

09-17-2008, 03:56 PM
We have many controllers in stock

3 Axis CNC Stepper Motor Driver Controller


Ready to plug and use

Brand New 3 Axis Controller for any NEMA23 Stepper motors

1: 3 PCS KL-4030 Bipolar Drivers, 40V, 3.0A

2: 1 PCS 36V/8.8A Power Supply, 115V/230V

3: 1 PC Breakout Board for 6 axis, Isolated signal,
With E-Stop, x, y, z limit Switch, Home Switch, wired

4: 1 PCS 12V Fan
5: 12V Power Supply, 110-230VAC
6: 5V Power Supply 110-230VAC

Tested with Mach3 Software