View Full Version : copper pipe rails

10-15-2004, 07:36 PM
I have a question. What if one was to use 1" dia. copper tubing for linear rails? Furthermore, then fill them with compressed air, would this add any strength to them. I'm curious any speculation on that?. :idea:

10-15-2004, 09:02 PM
SPEEDRE I love ideas, copper tubbing really works well for pluming, some decorative things and........... well, I guess that's about it. :D

Black pipe is much stronger and probably cheaper as well.

10-15-2004, 09:05 PM
No Added Strenght Is Added To The Tubing.
If Anything Filled With Cement ????
Besides Copper Is A Softmetal,not Very Good For Dirt Resistance As Dirt And Debrie Can Bite Into The Surface Causing A Lot Of Problems

Graham S
10-17-2004, 07:15 AM
I think the main problem would be a lack of surface hardness, then would become worn very quickly. As steel is cheaper it makes more sense.

Compressed air is a nice idea but I think it would need to be at very high pressure to have any effect and even then I am not too sure it would help.