View Full Version : Prefered Plans, Kits with suport for wood router

10-13-2004, 07:13 PM
First of all I'll jump right out and say I'm the new Guy on the block, so heres a big Howdy to everyone. I've been reading some of the posts on this site for a couple of days now and feeling my way around. I have some small wood items that I have been making and trying to get the perfect prototypes useing my home made drill mill and carving tools. I decided months ago tha even if I get that perfect prototype I't will not help me if I want to produce these items myself and I do. So I started looking into CNC and was going to buy a mill and convert it so I could use it on steel if I ever wanted to. But the only way it would be afordable is if I where to buy a Chinese mill spend a lot of money and end up with something that does'nt work very well for what I am actualy wanting to do. Now that I'm in the right place and looking at the right machines (CNC Routers) I think it will be fun to build one. So I would like all of your opinions on who has the best plans with suport and detailed instructions. to build a nice little Router table I think I will want one with about a 24" X 60" bed. That would be far biger than I need but would be great for future projects. I will be bookmarking sites you all recomend and studying them all as well as other things I read on this and other sites before I start droping cash. Also I intend to do this over a period of time probably 8 months to a year so I dont have to see my money leave all at once. My hope is that when I complete this machine I can start watching some money come back. I also would like to see pictures of some of your machines so feel free to email them to me at dustystufff@eosinc.com or point me to your pics on the web. Thanks to all in advance. I'll ry and keep my future posts a little shoter.

Any opinions on the following companies: