View Full Version : Need pulley advice for my steppers

10-08-2004, 02:02 PM
Hey guys,

I've recently been thinking about what I'm goin to do as far a hooking up the steppers on my DIY router. (There is a link to it in my signature below.)

Anyhow, I pulled the steppers out of some old HP LaserJet III printers. I've read on the forums here that they should be 100oz steppers. They have spiraled gears on the drive ends. I'm using 1/2inch 10TPI Acme thread from Enco for the lead screws.

I'm not too concerned about the speed of the machine as I am about its accuracy and ability to not miss any steps. I'd like to setup a 2:1 reduction for all 3 axis'

Do you guys think I will be able to direct drive the lead screws? Again, pics and info are in my project thread.

If needed, can you guys recommend some pulleys and belts. They will need to be 1/4 inch for the inner diameter of the pulleys, and use setscrews.