View Full Version : Need Help! madaula axial speeder for citizen L25

08-21-2008, 01:27 PM
this question is an offshoot for my previous thread, i would like to know if there is anybody who has any experiance with this tooling as i would like to know if we were to increase the speed of our milling cutters by a factor of 3 would we be able to at least double the feed rate of them?

this is with reguard to milling keyways 28mm long 3.1mm deep 5.97mm wide.

any feed back would be appreciated:)

01-06-2009, 07:09 PM
Hi there,
I owned several of these attachments with 90 deg face milling, using ER11 collet. They were made by Javis. I'm not sure if yours is familiar to mine or not. I did replaced bearings on 2 of them ($400/set of 2 and they are not stock item), the bearings and gears inside are very small. What I have learn is that these designed for light work, it doesn't have the capability like a milling machine so be aware of how much you can push because you might end up costing more. There are a few options that I'm going to throw at you if your parts permit.
1, Try to use rougher end mill. This can reduce the load in order to push harder with lesser chance of wrecking the tool.
2, If possible, try to use a slitting saw instead of end mill.
You might already know more than what I know but figured what the heck.
Have a good day. :cheers: