View Full Version : Wiring recommendations for servos, limits, etc.

Erick Davidson
08-16-2008, 09:28 PM
Greetings All,
Until recently,I have been on the slow track to building my own 4' x 10' CNC plasma. Designed and purchased the bulk of the materials 2 years ago. I finally started building it this past few months. I have the base frame as well as the gantry built and z mounted, I will put up some pics soon. I am trying to bread board all the various components before I mount up the servos, limits, e stops, etc.

The problem is I am weak on the electrical side and would like some recommendations as far as wiring gauges, shielded or unshielded for a servo system with an MP1000THC, geckos, with a logitrol 700W 75volt power supply, to 1100oz. servos. What would be a good choice for bulkhead connectors or disconnects as well. I appreciate any help, thanks for your time!

Cheers, Erick