View Full Version : mini review - rhino soccerball

08-06-2008, 06:32 PM

Have been continuing to test out Madcam. So far, it has been very stable. No crashes yet! Have even cut a few parts in wax.

I have been running it on just about any 2D/3D object I can find in the Rhino directories. It is very fast to run through and push the buttons after you get the hang of things. The menus are very simple and functional without a lot of clutter.

I thought this image was pretty neat:


It is the Rhino soccerball made out of meshes. Its about 30 mm diameter. Milling consisted of:

1- roughing pass with 6mm ball end.
2- planar finishing 2mm ball end.
3- z level finishing 2mm ball end.
4- pencil tracing 2mm ball end.

I thought it came out pretty well considering I am just "pushing buttons" at this point. If you are looking for something that is simple to operate and have Rhino, I highly recommend madcam. And I havent even tried to cut a mold or die yet....