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09-26-2004, 03:37 PM
Does anyone have problems with condensation forming on Servo's/steppers, PC's or other water sensitive parts, if your machine is kept/used in an out building with no heating. As the weather is now getting colder here in the UK, and my router wil be kept in the garage, along with a desktop PC. I've been wondering how to keep it all above the dew point.
Has anyone had this problem?


09-26-2004, 08:56 PM
Yes, here in the humid southeast US mildew and condensation are a way of life.
One neat thing about dew, it falls, even on the inside.. Keeping a tarp loosely draped over objects stops a lot of the moisture and using WD40 by the quart helps displace it. (FWIW ... WD stands for Water Displacer or so the legend goes) Make sure not to wrap things so tightly that the moisture that does get to the components cannot evaporate as the temp rises and relative humidity drops.
Vapor pressure is a real booger to outsmart since moisture is going to quickly go where it wants to go...through walls, cracks etc. but the slightest rise in temp can put objects above the dew-point...one degree can make all the difference.
Things stored inside a shed on the south facing wall collect much less condensation than things on the north side.(okay, northern hemisphere :) ) A darkly painted south facing wall vs. the same wall with reflective paint can absorb enough heat during the day to inhibit overnight condensation. A standard (not even a heat lamp) light bulb kept on can raise the temp enough to lessen condensation.
I purposely tightly close my outbuildings while it is still warmer daylight so that they will trap enough heat to stay above dew point overnight. I also insulated my outbuildings even though they are unheated to help hold the heat overnight. Oh yes, also a lot of moisture comes up out of the ground and/or through concrete so pool or basement paint or even a sheet of plastic laid over the floor can make a difference.
All these things help but, yeah it is a real headache. Electronics simply cannot be stored in some places, but motors and tools can be protected with paint and liberal amounts of oil and WD40.
Good luck!